How often do Fly 5k events take place?

Every week, on Saturday mornings.


How do I register to take part in a Fly 5k event?

There's no need to register, just join the Facebook group facebook.com/groups/fly5k/ and you'll automatically be able to take part each week. When you join the group a member number is created for you, and an updated list of member numbers is published in the group before each event. You will need to include your member number in your time submission.

How do I submit my time?

Once you've done your run, following the rules on the website home page, simply click on "Submit Time" on the website menu, and fill in the form with your time and other details. A link to the form will also be provided in the Facebook group each Saturday at 8am. 

Can I run earlier than 8am?

Yes that’s fine if you feel you need to, especially considering some areas may only be quiet in the early hours.


Can I run between 12 and 1pm?

In special circumstances yes (for example if you live in a different time zone to the UK), but generally no, as this helps to ensure we receive all results by 1pm.

I can’t post my time until after 1pm. Will it still go into the results?

Unfortunately your time won’t got into the official results list but you can still post in the Facebook group if you want to. We need a prompt cutoff so the organisers can still enjoy their Saturday afternoon, and everyone gets the results as soon as possible after the event.

Can I submit a 5k time which is part of a longer run?

Yes no problem, provided you are confident what your time was, and that it was exactly 5k.

I'm already part of a virtual league in my running club, and considering doing (not)parkrun too. Why would I do Fly 5k?

That's great. You can race in your club's virtual league and submit your time to Fly 5k aswell, provided you follow the Fly 5k race rules.  The same is true of (not)parkrun. The uniqueness of Fly 5k is that it is more race focussed than (not)parkrun, being held at one particular time of the week, and also it encourages runners to join together from a wider area, enabling inter club competition, and lets you run with friends and other people you may not normally be able to run with.

How strict are you about not running parkrun courses?

There is a reason for this rule. The guidance from Parkrun HQ is not to organise any events on parkrun courses, as any comments/complaints could cause problems when they restart. Obviously your local park could be a good place to run, social distancing permitting. That said, we don’t want to end up with lots of people running the same route at the same time in what might look like an organised event. Ultimately it’s down to your consideration and discretion as to what is appropriate given this.

Can I run on a track?​

Yes, the main idea of Fly 5k is to have some competitive fun. There are bound to be advantages and disadvantages of the different routes people follow, this is not a normal race! If you’re concerned you have an unfair advantage you could always note “Track” with your result post, and we can flag these.

Do I need to submit evidence of my time?

No, we trust you! The one exception perhaps being the first person over the line if there is any doubt over their performance. We want to keep things as relaxed as possible, and just enjoy the opportunity to run together… when we’re not together!

Do I need to be a member of a running club to take part?

No, anyone can join in.

Can I submit a time for more than one person?

Yes, the form will work for multiple submissions, for example if you want to submit a time for another member of your family.

I want to submit a time for one of my children. How do I do this?

Easy. You can submit more than one form. Leave the member number blank and a number will be created for them.


I'm not on Facebook. Can I still take part?

A lot of the fun of Fly 5k is sharing our times, pics etc. in the group, and it's preferable that anyone who submits a time joins the group so we can see who's taking part and you can have the full Fly 5k experience! However, if you're not on Facebook then you can still submit a time and a member number will be created for you. Please contact us to find out your member number following the event.

Do I have to run the same course every week?

Not at all. You can run whatever course you set yourself each week; whether the same one each week to compare your results on that course, or a different one each time, it's up to you!

How much does it cost to join and enter each week?

It's completely free. Here to encourage and motivate you, especially whilst normal events are not happening.

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