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Individual Results Guide

Results by Surname

If you want to track your progress and see all your previous results just click on the relevant button under "Individual Results by Surname", and enter your name in the Search box to filter on your own results. You can then sort if you want to see them in time order.


Top 500

The Top 500 Male, Female and Age Graded performances are also provided on this page. If you feature here it'll show all of your results that are inside the top 500. 

Fastest Times

The "Fastest Times" table at the bottom of the Individual Results page gives everyone's single best ever time - your current Fly 5k PB - and again you can search for your own entry using the Search box. Alternatively, if for example you wanted to see where you rank against other fellow club members, or your own age category, you can enter your club name or age category in the search box. This table provides your overall rank, gender rank and category rank against everyone else's fastest times. 

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