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Fly 5k 10th Inter-Club Competition, 16th January 2021

To qualify for the 10th inter-club competition, clubs needed a minimum of four male runners taking part for the men's competition, and/or four female runners for the women's competition.

For both the men's and women's competition, scoring was based on the total of the gender finish position of the first finisher over the line from your club, plus 3 x the average gender finish position of all other runners. Lowest score wins!

The club podium is....

Women's Competition

1) Chiltern Harriers

2) Cornwall AC

3) St Albans Striders

Men's Competition

1) Cornwall AC

2) Chiltern Harriers

3) Edmonton Running Club

The full results and scores are here:

Fly 5k club results 2021-01-16
Download PDF • 40KB

Well done to everyone who took part. We look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Report by Rob Trevor.

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