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Fly 5k 12th Inter-Club Competition, 27th February 2021

As the number of people and clubs taking part in Fly 5k grows, so does the kudos involved in making the podium of the inter-club competition. This week we had a total of 16 clubs qualifying - more than ever before, even with an increase this time to a minimum of six runners.

To qualify, clubs had to have at least one male runner and at least one female runner in their team of six or more. Scores were based on the gender finish position of the first female, first male plus 4 x gender finish position of all other finishers. Lowest score wins.

So... without further ado, massive Congratulations once again to a strong Cornwall AC team for a second consecutive overall win!!!

Also to our runners up, Chiltern Harriers in 2nd position and an impressive Run Redbourn! team making the number 3 spot!

Below are the full placings with scores, and attached you can find the breakdown of those scores including first finishers in each club. Well done all those clubs.

Fly 5k club results 2021-02-27
Download PDF • 40KB

If your club didn't score, maybe next time, and well done for taking part, there were some great times today right across the board! Our next inter-club competition will be in three weeks time (event #44) and of course our next Fly 5k is next Saturday! In the meantime, huge thanks to Kate Dixon for a brilliant job of hosting us today, it's been another great Saturday. Take care all!

1) Cornwall AC (204)

2) Chiltern Harriers (243)

3) Run Redbourn! (355)

4) Phoenix Striders (411)

5) Bodmin Road Runners (418)

6) St Albans Striders (454)

7) North Herts Road Runners (473)

8) Edmonton Running Club (487)

9) Not in a Running Club (492)

10) Harpenden Arrows (621)

11) Wheathampstead Warriors (633)

12) Winterton RC (704)

13) Rhyl Runners (847)

14) Fairlands Valley Spartans (847)

15) Your Town Runners (916)

16) Lonely Goat Running Club (952)

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