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Fly 5k 16th Inter-Club Competition, 22nd May 2021

As the number of people and clubs taking part in Fly 5k grows, so does the kudos involved in making the podium of the inter-club competition. This week we had a total of 11 clubs qualifying with a minimum of six runners.

As a reminder of the scoring :

- Score 50 points if your time is faster than the average of all your previous runs - OR 30 points if this is your first Fly 5k - OR 20 points otherwise - In addition... if you bag a Fly 5k PB you will also get a bonus ten points! (not including first timers).

- Clubs need to have at least six finishers to qualify and scores will be averaged across all runners in your club (as some clubs will have a lot more than six runners). So the maximum your club can score is 60 (if everyone gets a Fly 5k PB), and the minimum is 20.

And here we are with the scores on the doors... Congratulations to Cornwall AC team for an overall win!!! Champions!!!

Also to our runners up, 'Not in a Running Club; in 2nd positionand Winterton RC in at number 3! Sneaking in at number 4... Your Town Runners!!!!

Below are the full placings with scores. Well done all those clubs.

If your club didn't score, maybe next time and perhaps you can encourage a few more runners to join us! Some great times today from you all.

Our next inter-club competition will be in three weeks time and our next Fly 5k is next Saturday! Enjoy Eurovision tonight those who are partying, singing anthems, eating food you cannot spell from countries you're voting to win, or drinking the house bar dry.

Here is the full list of results :

1) Cornwall AC (43.3) 2) Not in a Running Club (42.9) 3) Winterton RC (42) 4) Your Town Runners (41.7) 5) Lonely Goat Running Club (40) 6) Edmonton Running Club (36.2) 7) Run Redbourn! (35.6) 8 ) Harpenden Arrows (35) 9) North Herts Road Runners (31.3) 10) St Albans Striders (31.2) 11) Wheathampstead Warriors (28.6)

See you all next week!

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