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Fly 5k 3rd Inter-Club Competition, 1st August 2020

A total of 29 running clubs took part this weekend, but not all of them qualified for our inter-club competition with a minimum of four runners needed for both the men's and the women's competition.

Scores and placings were based on the time of the fastest finisher from each club plus 3 x the average time of all other club members (scores are in seconds).

Here are the final placings:

Men’s Results 1) Sydney Striders - 4,997 (Fastest time: Greg CHURCHILL 18:44) 2) North Herts Road Runners - 5,402 (Fastest time: Nick MALPELI 18:42) 3) St Albans Striders - 5,409 (Fastest time: Gary WARREN 17:50) 4) Harpenden Arrows - 5,833 (Fastest time: Adrian CLOAKE 18:27)

Women’s Results 1) North Herts Road Runners - 5,669 (Fastest time: Rhia BOTHA 20:38) 2) Chiltern Harriers - 5,717 (Fastest time: Rebecca NKOANE 19:01) 3) St Albans Striders - 6,231 (Fastest time: Jenny MAGINLEY 19:54) 4) Harpenden Arrows - 6,997 (Fastest time: Jennifer FINLAY 26:11)

Well done also to Gary Crotaz and Joanna Parker our fastest non-club runners.

It was great to see so many running clubs all digging deep with 29 competing this Saturday. North Herts Road Runners did particularly well coming 2nd in the men’s race and 1st in the women’s competition!

Great to see my club ladies, Chiltern Harriers, doing well again in second place. We all love Fly 5k.

Well done to our Australian friends the Sydney Striders for winning the men’s club race. The rest of the competition was between our local Counties and the competition is getting tight.

Look out for details of the next inter-club competition which will be part of Event #12.

That’s all from me. I’ve been really enjoying taking part in Fly 5k each week so was a bit gutted to be out of action this week with an injury. I’ll be back soon I hope. And finally, be careful what you sign up for! Cobbling this race report together took me much longer than it takes to run 5k, but I am now an expert on all your results and times!

Ruth Holroyd, Chiltern Harriers.


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