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Fly 5k Announcement

Dear Fly 5kers,

It is with a heavy heart but with very fond memories and lots of new found friends, that today we announce that Fly 5k, the weekly event as we know it, will be coming to a close at our 80th event in two weeks time.

I hope you have enjoyed the ride. I certainly have. But as the world opens up and we have lots of opportunities to do things we couldn't a year ago, both I and the other hosts feel the time is right to draw things to a close. I've long said to myself if the numbers dropped below 100 for two consecutive weeks then it's probably time.

Understandably this will be a disappointment to many who I'm sure would love to carry on week in week out. However I'd rather we went out with a bang than a fizzle. All the best shows always leave people wanting more!

We will be having a Christmas special, and we are already making plans for a real life reunion event back in Bovingdon next year. So don't despair. We are not disappearing. The Facebook group will remain alive, both so that we can look back at so many great memories of these Saturday mornings over the last year and a half, and also to keep the Fly community and friends togther. Feel free to continue posting on a Saturday, or any time!

It seems fitting that our last weekly event, on 20th November, will also be the Fly 5k parkrun volunteer takeover at St Albans, as we give back to a wider community that we are all a part of (the running community, not just parkrun).

So don't be upset. Just be happy that we all share a common love for running and have all got to know so many great people here.

All the best, and we hope you can join us next week for our penultimate event 🙂


Graham and hosts

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