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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Great news - parkrun UK is launching (not)parkrun next week! Parkrunners will be able to post times for their own 5k runs any day of the week, and their best time will go on the parkrun website against their home event.

Does this mean Fly 5k, as a parkrun replacement, is no longer needed? Not at all in my view, and I hope you agree and find it helps to motivate you, which is why I set it up.

Whilst (not)parkrun sounds great, Fly 5k is different. Firstly, it's intended to be much more race-like, with everyone taking part at pretty much the same time, and results out that day. Secondly, with all times being pooled into one results table it means that we can run with (or against!) people we wouldn't normally be able to - friends from further away, and significantly for those of us who are keen club runners, members of other clubs! A lot of clubs have set up their own virtual leagues, but with Fly 5k you can also submit your virtual league times here too, provided you follow the Fly 5k race rules.

Looking forward to our third event on Saturday 20th June, Fly 5k will also be incorporating an inter-club competition, where the results from runners in the same club will count towards overall club positions. More info will follow shortly, but for now, enjoy Fly 5k, look forward to (not)parkrun - and hopefully see you tomorrow!

(Member numbers for our latest members will be released in the morning tomorrow).

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