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Results from Event #18, 3rd October 2020

Fly 5k #18 will be remembered as "the wet one" for lots of us, with the Facebook page filled with photos of large puddles and videos of various people's aquaplaning skills!

We still had a very decent turnout though and I think most of us actually love the rain (as long as we can get dry and warm pretty quickly afterwards!)

It's late and some of us have a marathon to go to tomorrow, so I'll keep this short. A total of 104 people ran this morning, including 5 first timers.

We had nine Fly 5k PBs! Well done to: Rachel ALDRIDGE Claudine BENSTEAD Thomas CHETTLE Nick KLEANTHOUS Scout NEWBY Iain ROBERTSON Simon TOWNSEND Wendy WALSH Carly JAYN WHEELIKER

Also a big well done to both Heather WRIGHT and Chris ROBERTS who ran their tenth Fly 5k today.

The full set of results is attached, and on the website at

Individual results, top 500s and best performances will be updated tomorrow on the website.

Below is our podium, and a big congratulations to you, and to our race winners Hannah Turner, Simon Townsend and our age graded top scorer Claudine Benstead.

So that just leaves me to say well done to all, hope you're dried off now, and see you in the morning for the Fly Marathon!

Women 1) Hannah TURNER, Harpenden Arrows (19:25) 2) Wendy WALSH, St Albans Striders (20:11) 3) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (20:41)

Men 1) Simon TOWNSEND, Dacorum & Tring AC (19:10) 2) Damon LYNCH, Sydney Striders (19:32) 3) Tom NEILL, Mid Atlantic Athletics Club (19:37)

Age Graded 1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (90.73%) 2) Wendy WALSH, St Albans Striders (81.83%) 3) Mike MORRISSEY, Sydney Striders (80.36%)


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