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Results from Event #20, 17th October 2020

Well done to all 164 runners who joined us this morning for our 20th Fly 5k. And a huge thank you to everyone for all your support for my first time hosting, especially all my running club chums at Chiltern Harriers! I’ve done the race report before but waffling about running is the easy bit!

Can you believe that we have all run a massive 14,490 km together since Fly 5k started twenty weeks ago.

Today we had runs on playing fields, in the Scottish Highlands, as part of the QE2 marathon and a buggy run!

There were Fly 5k celebrations; Happy Birthday to Fergus Dalton!

We love seeing all your race selfies and we had some brilliant ones this weekend. Keep them coming. They make hosting and taking part in Fly 5k so much more fun!

There were three runs with dogs, it was worth taking your dog out on your Fly 5k as it got you extra points in Run Bingo and might possibly have dragged you to a PB! We also had ten Harriers in their green racing vests! That showed commitment and also extra points in Run Bingo!

The winner of the Run Bingo challenge was Bernadette Newby with a score of 145 points. She ran with her dog - definitely what gave her those extra points.

We had 12 x Fly 5k newbies; you know who you are! Welcome to the best start to your Saturday mornings! We hope you join us next week.

It was also a very fast Saturday with 34 Fly 5k PBs. Huge congratulations to all of you, we’re getting faster together! You can see everyone who got a PB on the attached results PDF.

We had 33 running clubs taking part today. Proving that these Saturday timed runs really help bring that competition we need to progress as runners. Also welcome to Adam Powell of Swindon Triathlon club, representing his club for the first time today, and sparking debate for a ‘Flyathlon’ in the future! I’m sure Graham has time to organise that!

Extra Kudos to those brave souls who haven’t yet missed a Fly! Respect to Steve BOWRAN, Colin BRAYBROOK, Fergus DALTON, Graham HARPER, Pat HIGGINS, Paul HOLGATE, Donna IRWIN, Jenny MAGINLEY and Andrew M.CKILLOP who have braved all weathers to run twenty Fly 5ks.

Well done to the following brilliant people who have run ten Fly 5ks: Ruth CROWTHER, Patricia GODFREY, Sarah HEDGES, Andy HOLT, Kevin INKLES, Sarah LOUGHREY, Andy NORMILE, John ROWLANDS, Ian SAGE, Clare WATKINS, and Ali YOUNG.

There were some interesting results at the top of the leaderboard this week from the men with strong results from St Albans AC youngsters Alex MOFFAT and Euan TURNER, coming in 1st and 2nd respectively with a strong performance from Andrew MCKILLOP of St Albans Striders in 3rd place.

For the women, a big well done to 1st place Sarah MCGRATH, also of St Albans AC with ladies vets Ali YOUNG and Emma STEPTO in 2ndand 3rd place. The times are so close at the top!


1) Alex MOFFAT, St Albans AC (17:29)

2) Euan TURNER, St Albans AC (17:43)

3) Andrew MCKILLOP, St Albans Striders (18:10)


1) Sarah McGRATH, St Albans AC (19:00)

2) Ali YOUNG, Chiltern Harriers (19:11)

3) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (19:27)

Age Graded

1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (92.45%)

2) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (84.92%)

3) Sarah McGRATH, St Albans AC (81.67%)

Report by Ruth Holroyd.

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