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Results from Event #26, 28th November 2020

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

The global reach of Fly 5K was well illustrated by the weather conditions faced by a new record field of 265 athletes from 38 different clubs who took part in Fly 5K event #26 today. Welcome for the first time athletes from Bedford Harriers, Dartford Harriers and Staple Hill Runners.

Following on from our friends in Australia running in hot 40’C conditions (and apparently summer hasn’t even started!) and our first Fly 5K athlete from India, early morning runners in the UK and Germany were greeted by a cold dark dawn and foggy, murky and cool conditions – perfect for running. Actually maybe more suited to our very first Fly 5K penguin!

And our Fly 5K athletes took full advantage with an amazing 50 Fly 5K best times. Congratulations to everyone flagged with a PB in the official results but a special shout out and mention to Fly 5K creator Graham Smith who smashed his Fly 5K best with a fabulous time of 18:23 and somehow found sunny & bright conditions. A well-deserved result – well done Graham.

More special shout outs to those who not only achieved a Fly 5K best time today but also achieved a LIFETIME 5K best time. Special mention to Emmanuelle Bentley-Sanders, Tony Roberts, Richard Weber, Clare Tyley, and Susan Aujla, and to anyone else I have missed.

A big warm welcome to 37 athletes who took part in their first Fly 5K today. Your Saturday mornings won’t be the same again!

Well done to the following Fly 5K athletes who recorded their 10th Fly 5K today:


And to the following Fly 5K athletes who recorded their 20th Fly 5K today:


And so onto our individual results, leader boards and podiums. The results of the 8th Fly 5K inter club competition can be found in a separate news post here:

We had 13 teams vying for team placings and it’s clear that the inter club competition is fiercely fought as we had no less that 6 all time Fly 5K Age Category records broken today.

Congratulations to:

JM15-17, Oscar LOVEDAY, St Albans AC (17:16)

SW18-19, Katie TSE (28:02)

SW30-34, Morgan CAMPBELL, Havering AC (18:25)

VM50-54, Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (17:14)

VM55-59, Koji MIYAZAKI, Aldershot, Farnham & District (17:45)

VM60-64, David GREEN, Harpenden Arrows (18:58)

A full PDF of the individual results is attached here:

Fly 5k results 2020-11-28
Download PDF • 82KB

These results and new age category records are also updated on the Fly 5K website. The website is best viewed on a desktop / laptop.


  1. Lesley LOCKS, Aldershot, Farnham & District (17:56)

  2. Morgan CAMPBELL, Havering AC (18:25)

  3. Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (18:46)


  1. Will BOWRAN, St Albans AC (15:55)

  2. Barry SMITH, Havering AC (16:56)

  3. Rob TREVOR, Havering AC (17:03)

Age Graded

  1. Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (91.92%)

  2. Koji MIYAZAKI, Aldershot, Farnham & District (89.20%)

  3. Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (88.01%)

Thanks to everyone here who provides so much support, encouragement and inspiration to us all.

What’s everyone doing next Saturday?

Report by Steve Bowran.

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