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Results from Event #27, 5th December 2020

Well done to all 188 runners who joined us this morning for our 27th Fly 5k. We had 12 first timers today so a huge welcome to you all. Hopefully now you’re hooked and we hope you join us next week!

Today we had a morning of beautiful sunrises, lots of breakfast chat, a reindeer shaped run (Julie that was very impressive), one run as part of the Triforce duathlon and others doing a Christmas 250k challenge! We love hearing what else you guys are doing. It’s all about finding the motivation and inspiration to get out there. And I think we are all pleased to see the pig is back!

There was definitely a Christmas theme today, with many, myself included, taking part in the NNHR Santa Canta 5k. The Christmas Decorations at Centre Parcs were very impressive and we had some fantastic Xmas costumes, but no one quite matched Mike’s effort. The outright winner for the best Christmas costume had to go to Mike Bullock who ran as a Christmas Tree! Will that green paint ever wash out of his beard?

We love seeing all your race selfies and we had some brilliant ones this weekend. Keep them coming. They make the job of hosting Fly 5k so much more fun!

There were some great scores on Fly 5k Run Bingo this morning, but our winner with 160 points was Mark Aird. Well done Mark; he attributes his win to the extra points he got for wearing shorts!

It was also a very fast Saturday with an impressive 26 people running Fly 5k PBs. Huge congratulations to all of you, we’re getting faster together!

We had 36 running clubs taking part today. Proving that these Saturday timed runs really help bring that competition we need to progress as runners. Also a huge welcome to Bow Runners and Truro Running Club who joined us for the first time this morning.

Extra special kudos to those nine brave souls who haven’t yet missed a Fly! You know who you are.

True dedication to seven runners who have now completed 20 x Fly 5ks - Julie CURTIS, Julie HORROCKS, Errol MAGINLEY, Robin NEWBY, Julianne NIGHTINGALE, June ROWLANDS, Eileen SINDOLE.

Well done to the following brilliant people who have run ten Fly5ks. I think you can now call yourselves #fly5kaddicts: Debbi BARNETT, Steve BRENTON, Nerys JONES, Sally ONN, Brian RANSLEY and Clair WALKER.

We had some Age Category Records this morning. Oscar LOVEDAY of St Albans AC recorded 16:43, breaking the JM15-17 record. Katie TSE ran today in 27:50, a new record in the SW18-19 category. Katie also set a new age group record for the third week running – great work Katie!

Strong results today from Havering AC, taking both 1stand 3rd place for Kieran O’HARA and James STEWART respectively. St Albans AC always put out a strong team too with Oscar LOVEDAY in 2nd place.

For the women, a big well done to Lesley Locks of Aldershot, Farnham & District running club in 1st place, can anyone beat her? Sally ONN of Blagnac Sporting Club Athlétisme came in 2nd with a very fast time and Lily TSE of St Albans AC took third place.

Here are those all important podium places you’ve all been waiting for:


1) Kieran O’HARA, Havering AC (16:17)

2) Oscar LOVEDAY, St Albans AC (16:43)

3) James STEWART, Havering AC (16:52)


1) Lesley LOCKS, Aldershot, Farnham & District (18:11)

2) Sally ONN, Blagnac Sporting Club Athlétisme (18:49)

3) Lily TSE, St Albans AC (19:58)

Age Graded

1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (93.06%)

2) Lesley LOCKS, Aldershot, Farnham & District (85.70%)

3) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (83.47%)

The full results are on the website at (best viewed on a laptop / desktop for searching, sorting, filtering and all that good stuff). Individual results and records are all updated on the website too.

This was my second time hosting and I can wholeheartedly recommend it; not only did it get me up early on a Saturday, I also got to see the sun rise and having a purpose for the morning felt good. I don’t think everyone had amazing weather, but at race HQ today it was brilliant sunshine and blue skies. Perfect running conditions on a crisp wintery morning.

Thanks for all your support and engagement. It makes hosting so much more fun.

That’s all from me. Except to say that on the 27th Fly 5k and my race number of 127, I ran 5k in 27 mins (and 48 seconds, one number more than my age!). All the numbers!

See you next Saturday.

Yours in a santa hat, doing the double today for Fly 5K and the Santa Canta, Ruth

Report by Ruth Holroyd.

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