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Results from Event #3, 20th June 2020

We had runners representing 36 clubs today.

There were 170 finishers (85 males and 85 females), and an international field once again. Our youngest finisher was ten years old, and we also had a couple of people in the V75-79 category, so a pretty impressive range there too!

This definitely seemed to be a very lucky day, not only for Fly 5k PBs, but more impressively with a few people running their all time fastest ever 5ks!

62 people who took part in a previous Fly 5k posted their best time today.

Well done to Emma Stepto of Cornwall AC who was first female again on her second Fly 5k outing, in 18:55, taking her own women's record, and pushing the age graded record up to 87.31%.

Also to the St Albans AC athlete Will Bowran, our first male in 16:07 almost equalling the men's record set last week. Our top three today were: Men: Will BOWRAN, St Albans AC (16:07) Tom HALLING, St Albans AC (16:18) Lee MURPHY, Dunstable Road Runners (16:25) Women: Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (18:55) Martha HALL, Garden City Runners (19:02) Karen MURPHY, Barnet & District AC (19:22) Age Graded: Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (87.31%) Karen MURPHY, Barent & District AC (87.18%) Gary WARREN, St Albans Striders (84.47%) We also had our first inter club competition today. The overall finishing positions were as follows: Men: 1) St Albans AC (2957) 2) Dunstable Road Runners (3189) 3) Chiltern Harriers (3606) 4) St Albans Striders (3749) 5) Harpenden Arrows (3992) Women: 1) Chiltern Harriers (4341) 2) St Albans Striders (4370) 3) Harpenden Arrows (4716)

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