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Results from Event #30, 25th December 2020

It was 3:54 am and not a soul was stirring... and then Brigitte Bellwood woke up, shortly followed by Julie Tribe, and gradually the rest of us.

Christmas 2020 may be remembered as the most unusual Christmas for many years to come, as will the rest of the year, and out of this spawned the Christmas Fly 5k. An event which 137 people saw fit to squeeze into their festive morning. Well done to you all.

I have run out of words to describe how happy I am that we've made something positive together, but this morning seeing all the pics of everyone, especially with family members in tow (not mine, although my nephew has promised... promised to run on New Years Day with me!!) was pretty special.

Possibly the most special moment was watching Mike Bullock dancing through the streets painted green and dressed as a Christmas Tree, although something tells me if it wasn't for Fly 5k he would have found some other excuse to do it!!

Anyway, long story short as it's getting late and there's another event in the morning! For the first time in a long time there were no age graded records broken BUT we did have 12 Fly 5k PBs, and I'd like to mention Dom Reed here as he's been tirelessly trying to break back into 17 minute territory since we first started, and today he did it with 17:59 - well done Dom!! And well done to the others who got a Fly best too.

The full results are attached and also at

Fly 5k results 2020-12-25
Download PDF • 62KB

Our top three positions today were as follows:

Women 1) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (20:22) 2) Kate DIXON, St Albans Striders (20:44) 3) Jenny MAGINLEY, St Albans Striders (21:00)

Men 1) Tom HALLING, St Albans AC (16:21) 2) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (17:32) 3) Lee MURPHY, Dunstable Road Runners (17:54)

Age Graded 1) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (86.12%) 2) Mike MORRISSEY, Sydney Striders (81.30%) 3) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (81.10%)

Congratulations to you all.

Finally, a special mention to those Fly 5kers who hit 30 Fly 5ks today. Yep, they haven't missed a single one! They are: Steve BOWRAN Colin BRAYBROOK Fergus DALTON Graham HARPER Pat HIGGINS Donna IRWIN Jenny MAGINLEY Andrew MCKILLOP.

.. to Declan DALY and Ivan GHOUSE who reached the 20 Fly 5k milestone today.

.. and to Katy WILDE Chitra DUNN Michelle WELLSBURY Annie WOODWARD who all made today their 10th Fly 5k.

Thank you for the many lovely messages on the forms that came in today, as well as in the group, and I hope you had a brilliant Christmas whatever you did. Until tomorrow (well, actually today now!).. Graham.

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