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Results from Event #32, NYD Special, 1st January 2021

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Happy new year Fly 5k-ers. Graham Smith set us a great challenge today – one, two or even more 5ks were up for grabs. And grab you did.

Steve Bowran and his gang set us off with their midnight 5k, and the Sydney crowd also ran as we slept. Many of us woke up having drunk too much and not slept enough (definitely me), still determined to fly into 2021.

Justine Anderson took some coaxing out of bed, but she did it, and showed us real life video proof.

Several of you were not content with the double 5k challenge, and kept going and going and going. Laurance Dine ran a whole marathon of fly 5ks.

There were lots of lovely wishes of a happy new year, and I genuinely feel like I know many of you so well, despite having never met you in person. And it didn’t take a huge effort on the part of Steve Bowran, Graham Smith and me to host today, because you are all hosting each other with words of congratulations and encouragement. Kicked off by the inspirational Graham Smith, we have built a great community here.

And to top the afternoon off, fellow Fly 5k host, Heather Wright got a PB AND then got engaged. What a record to set at the start of 2021. So many congratulations Heather. Your post must also have broken records for the number of likes, loves and comments.

There were 174 runners today; submitting 258 times in total. Crickey the Alban Way got a pounding. There were 13 first timers (you will get a race number ahead of next week – thanks for joining us); and there were 25 Fly 5k PBs.

Podium positions this week:


1) Morgan CAMPBELL, Havering AC (18:04)

2) Morgan CAMPBELL, Havering AC (19:30)

3) Anna PARKER, Unattached (19:54)


1) Ross JARMAN, Chiltern Harriers (16:48)

2) Barry SMITH, Havering AC (17:37)

3) Rob TREVOR, Havering AC (17:46)

Age Graded

1) Ross JARMAN, Chiltern Harriers (83.33%)

2) Mike MORRISSEY, Sydney Striders (82.12%)

3) Andrew MCKILLOP, St Albans Striders (81.79%)

And a new age category record for SW30-34 for Morgan Campbell too.

And a massive congrats to the following for completing their 30th Fly 5k: Katie Bunting, Sue Edwards, Evelyn Lutterodt and Joanne Tang; for completing their 20th Fly 5k: Sarah Hedges, Richard Sved and Heather Wright; and for completing there 10th Fly 5k: Dave Braybrook, James Dalton, Mandy Jackson, Aleksandra Kubas, Jo Shore, Lily Tse, and Carly Jane Wheeliker.

Full results are attached and can also be found at the website at (best viewed on a laptop/desktop).

Fly 5k results 2021-01-01
Download PDF • 80KB

Results by total number of 5ks and total time taken are here:

Fly 5k results by number of 5ks 2021-01-
Download • 64KB

Thanks to my fellow host Steve Bowran today – he kindly took the early shift – and thank you as always to Graham Smith for doing the results which were pretty complicated today.

Happy happy happy 2021 to you all.

Oh, and see you tomorrow!

Report by Kate Dixon.

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