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Results from Event #36, 23rd January 2021

Well that was quite a day! A new record attendance with 275 runners taking part in Fly 5k. Also the highest number of different clubs we've ever had with 47 clubs represented, including first appearances from Exmouth Harriers, Hamwic Harriers Running Club, Romsey Road Runners and Ryde Harriers. Welcome to everyone who ran their first Fly 5k this morning!

We saw a number of lifetime PBs today. We all know how special that moment is, so a huge congratulations to Fly 5k regular Tom Neill, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in Bermuda for his 17:48. Also to Henry Lane (23:31) who was promised a trip to the Pudding Stop by his mum if he got a PB (true motivation if ever there was any!), to Julie Chadwick, Helen Gill, Sarah Hedges, and to anyone else who ran 5k faster than they've ever done before!

We had 32 Fly 5k PBs and quite a number of other people who also surprised themselves today with their runs.

Never forgetting that Fly 5k and running in general is not just about chasing PBs, and it was great to see lots of smiling faces from those of you who chose an easy run, a long run, or mud and hills today!

The full results are attached, and you can also find them on the website at (best viewed on a laptop / desktop).

Fly 5k results 2021-01-23
Download PDF • 84KB

At the front of the race we had two first time winners, both very deservingly taking top spot. Paul Whear of Cornwall AC took the men's win in 17:04, and in doing so also shaved a second off his own V50-54 age category record, whilst Zelah Morrall, self-proclaimed as not really enjoying 5ks and also of Cornwall AC, ran 19:58 for the women's top spot. Cornwall AC swept the podium in the age graded rankings too. I'm sure Emma will be very proud!

Men 1) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (17:04) 2) Tom NEILL, Mid Atlantic Athletics Club (17:48) 3) Tony WRIGHT, Cornwall AC (17:53)

Women 1) Zelah MORRALL, Cornwall AC (19:58) 2) Ali YOUNG, Chiltern Harriers (20:52) 3) Julie ANN KENNY, Sydney Striders (20:53)

Age Graded 1) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (88.48%) 2) Zelah MORRALL, Cornwall AC (84.56%) 3) Tony WRIGHT, Cornwall AC (84.44%)

In addition to Paul's age category record, a huge well done to Brian White of Fairlands Valley Spartans for taking over a minute and a half off the VM65-69 record with 21:12.

We couldn't end without recognising our Fly 5k milestone achievers, and congrats to Peter BLESSING, Jon ELMER, Martin MEDFORTH and Craig ROWAND on their 30th Fly 5k today.

Well done to Linda AIRD, Gavin CLIFTON, Laura LANE, Tom NEILL, Andy NORMILE and Gary WARREN on their 20th Fly 5k.

And a 10th Fly 5k celebration for Lyndsey BILL, James DWIGHT, Hannah FRANK, Stefanie GRANSBY, Roz JONES, Rachel MACKIE, Susan MANSFIELD, Holly PAYNE, Douglas REID, Lloyd RYAN, Deborah STEER, Becky VERNON-CLINCH, Mike WORSFOLD.

Once again another cracking Fly 5k. The support, motivation and good humour we all share here really is something special and every week there are things that happen which mean a lot to some of us and touch all of us. Enjoy your running and stay well. Until the next time!

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