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Results from Event #38, 6th February 2021

We had an astounding new Fly 5K attendance record of 410 athletes today!

A huge welcome to 66 athletes new to Fly 5K this week and a big well done to everybody who made an effort to take part, it’s been amazing hearing about all your escapades, goals and achievements, and seeing your photos. Thank you for sharing and being so encouraging to each other.

Athletes representing 8 clubs new to Fly 5K joined us today making it a total of 71 clubs taking part. Welcome to the following clubs : Lothian RC, MadRunners, Neath Harriers, Phoenix Striders, Rushcliffe AC, Telford Harriers, Tynedale Harriers, Veteran Runners UK

Now what’s a race report without a mention of the weather? Earlier in the week some of us might have been wondering what Saturday had in store for us, and if we’d see snow today. Luck was in however, no sign of snow, and we saw some fantastic efforts as a result. Perhaps tomorrow we can build a snowman.

Facebook made for some interesting chat and photos today as always, including…cats, dogs, double buggies, daffs, a stunning sunrise race, fish and chip hangovers, fancy dress, charity runs, remembrance runs for Captain Tom and we even waited for paint to dry!

Congratulations to the 90 of you who achieved a Fly 5K PB today, that’s 22% of those that entered!!!

Quite a few of you we hear achieved lifetime PBs too, here’s just some of them we captured : Michelle Wellsbury, Isabelle Head, Marian Morley, David Noble, Nick Jarvis, James Pickering, Peter Cole, Gareth Jones and Helen Gill.

The following athletes reached their 10th Fly 5K milestone today: Mike BABB, Brigitte BELLWOOD, Louise CROSBY, Doug HOBSON, Kate KNOTT, Lisa MUNT

The following athletes reached their 20th Fly 5K milestone today: Nicola ANDERSSON, Jim BROWN, Gemma CARRUTHERS, Phyllida JONES, Janice NISBET, Caroline STEPHENS

And the following athletes reached their 30th Fly 5K milestone today: Julie CURTIS, Rob DUNCOMBE, Chris EDWARDS, Martin HALLING, Julie HORROCKS, Brian JUDKINS, Stuart MIDDLETON, Bernadette NEWBY, Richard OLNEY, Anthony THOMSON

Congratulations to the athletes on the podiums today:

Men 1) Rich HARDING, Avon Valley Runners (16:16) 2) Peter COLE, Edmonton Running Club (16:48) 3) James PICKERING, Oswestry Olympians (16:49)

Women 1) Laura HICKS, St Albans Striders (19:32) 2) Zelah MORRALL, Cornwall AC (19:38) 3) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (19:50)

Age Graded 1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (90.81%) 2) Rich HARDING, Avon Valley Runners (89.34%) 3) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (87.03%)

We had 2 Age Category records broken today : Isabelle Head achieved a great time of 22:56 for the JW10 category Rich HARDING achieved a staggering 16:16 for the VM45-49 category

The full results are attached:

Fly 5k results 2021-02-06
Download PDF • 105KB

You can also find them at (best viewed on a desktop / laptop).

The individual results pages on the website will be updated over the weekend.

A total of 13 clubs qualified for the inter club competition, including the “not in a running club” club. Full results are here.

Report by Daniela Petrianni

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