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Results from Event #39, 13th February 2021

Very well done to everybody who braved the weather today, not only was it cold but the biting wind made it feel very bitter and caused many of you to lose feeling in your hands and feet making your efforts all the more admirable. At least it is looking like much milder conditions for next week’s landmark 40th Fly 5k.

Despite the cold temperatures there were still an encouraging 307 times recorded including 23 first timers – welcome to you all and I hope you enjoyed taking part enough that we will see you all again next week with even more newcomers I am sure, as well as lots of regulars also. There were no less than 61 Fly 5k PBs today also. Very well done.

7 more clubs new to Fly 5K joined us today - welcome to Bodmin Road Runners, Notfast RC, Ogmore Phoenix Runners, Pickering RC, Pitsea RC, Porthtowan Striders and Rhyl Runners - with no less than 66 different clubs taking part making it a total of 138 different clubs that have taken part across the whole series.

The following athletes reached their 10th Fly 5K milestone today:

Tonya BABB, Veronica BODELL, Andrew CHADWICK, Julie CHADWICK, Simon HARRISON, Stephen McKEE and Katie SWAINSBURY

While for the following athletes they reached their 20th Fly 5K milestone today:

Claudine BENSTEAD, Clair DRAGE, Helen GIFFEN, Adrian JONES, Nerys JONES and Seb ROWE

And also Edward BAILEY reaching his 30th Fly 5K milestone today:

Congratulations to the athletes on the podiums today:


1) Tony WRIGHT, Cornwall AC (17:07)

2) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (17:45)

3) Andrew REYNOLDS, Neath Harriers (17:53)


1) Lean NI CHIOBHAIN, Chiltern Harriers (19:12)

2) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (19:38)

3) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (19:40)

Age Graded

1) Tony WRIGHT, Cornwall AC (88.90%)

2) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (85.07%)

3) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (84.13%)

The full results are attached:

Fly 5k results 2021-02-13
Download PDF • 89KB

You can also find them at (best viewed on a desktop / laptop). The individual results pages on the website will be updated over the weekend.

Report by Paul Holgate.

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