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Results from Event #4, 27th June 2020

Well done all for running today; nothing like a timed event to get people out in the rain!! Whether or not you ran well today you ran, and hopefully you either enjoyed it or at least felt better for doing it once you'd dried off! I know some of us were still running in hot temperatures elsewhere in the world too.

If you've enjoyed it please do invite your friends and fellow running club mates to join us.

Next week is another normal Fly 5k and the week after, Saturday July 11th, we'll also include another inter club competition, so plenty of time to get more of your club mates involved!

We had runners representing 31 clubs today. There were 152 finishers - exactly the same number of males and females, as there were last week - and again we had a smattering of not just Fly 5k PBs but lifetime PBs which was great to see.

Welcome Patricia Godfrey, our first VW70-74 entrant, flying the flag for Ampthill and Flitwick Flyers in the Fly 5k (easy for you to say).

Age category records were taken by Hannah Barker, Sarah McGrath, Darren Deed, John Rowlands, Trevor Brawn, Geoffrey White, Sally Onn and Patricia Godfrey. Well done to you all. Details are on the website. Results can be found here: ( Best viewed on a desktop or laptop, and you can filter on age grade, gender etc using the Search functionality.

And finally to our overall winners and top three, and a big hand to first time Fly 5k runner Darren Deed of Dunstable Road Runners, who breezed into the top position with a 15:03 (I know!!) early in the day that not only gives him the men's record but also the age graded record with an equally impressive 92.36%.

Always great to see Emma Stepto of Cornwall AC, who completes a hat trick as first female in a time of 19:06. Also a special mention to Sarah McGrath (JW15-17, St Albans AC) who was only three seconds behind Emma and gained a lifetime PB in the process.

And so our top three today were:

Men: 1. Darren DEED, Dunstable Road Runners (15:03) 2. Will BOWRAN, St Albans AC (16:13) 3. Tom HALLING, St Albans AC (16:50)

Women: 1. Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (19:06) 2. Sarah McGRATH, St Albans AC (19:09) 3. Sally ONN, Blagnac Sporting Club Athlétisme (19:24)

Age Graded: 1. Darren DEED, Dunstable Road Runners (92.36%) 2. Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (86.47%) 3. Gary WARREN, St Albans Striders (83.36%)

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