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Results from Event #42, 6th March 2021

There were 386 of us who flew 5k today, which is amazing! We had 21 first timers and an incredible 104 Fly 5k PBs too. It was another global event including runners from Sydney, Hamburg, Cornwall, Wales and Hertfordshire! 71 running clubs took part, including Colchester Harriers AC who made their first appearance.

There were 3 new age category records by:

Rich HARDING (Avon Valley Runners): VM45-49, 16:08

Jenny MORGAN (St Edmunds Pacers): VW65-69, 23:26

Sue JAMES (Tonbridge AC): VW70-74, 29:00

On the podium we had (drum roll please...):


1) Rich HARDING, Avon Valley Runners (16:08)

2) Kieran O’HARA, Havering AC (16:48)

3) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (17:18)


1) Sally ONN, Blagnac Sporting Club Athlétisme (19:16)

2) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (19:26)

3) Lean NI CHIOBHAIN, Chiltern Harriers (19:29)

Age Graded

1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (90.30%)

2) Rich HARDING, Avon Valley Runners (90.08%)

3) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (87.28%)

The full results are online here:

The continued commitment from our runners is great, and today we had the following who ran their 30th Fly 5k: Sarah HEDGES, Ivan GHOUSE, Robin NEWBY, Robert TREVOR; the following did their 20th Fly 5k: Dave BRAYBROOK, Hanni CROCKFORD, Ruth CROWTHER, Mei LI; and we also had the following who ran their 10th Fly 5k: Anna BARTON, James CHAPMAN, Peter COLE, Susie DUTOIT, Nik HARRISON-ALWAY, Victoria LUCAS, Alastair PENMAN, Lara YORK. Well done, consistency really does pay off with running so you should be proud of yourselves.

I really enjoyed your company so thank you from me personally. A HUGE thank you to the behind-the-scenes legend of Fly 5k Graham Smith too. Please give yourselves a pat on the back for being a great, supportive and kind community, and we hope to see you again soon.

Report by Heather Wright.

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