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Results from Event #43, 13th March 2021

Terrible winds, kissing gates, fighting brambles and bed prisons could not stop 282 of you getting out there and pounding the pavement / grass / mud and taking part in the 43rd Fly 5K. There were 18 First Timers - welcome, and despite a runners least favourite condition there were a whopping 34 PB's - well done, imagine your run without the wind.

We saw a total of 61 running clubs represented today, with a warm welcome to members from Bury Pacers & Widnes Running Club making their first appearance and hopefully one of many.

No age graded records were achieved this week, so we go straight to the podium:


1) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (19:33) 2) Lucy JONES, St Albans Striders (19:58) 3) Rosie GIBBONS, Cornwall AC (20:08)


1) Tom HALLING, St Albans AC (16:07) 2) Zac SEGAL, St Albans AC (16:32) 3) Alex MOFFAT, St Albans AC (17:12)

Age Graded

1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (90.37%) 2) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (84.48%) 3) Janice NISBET, Harpenden Arrows (84.15%)

Well done to all on the podium and of course everyone who walked, jogged, ran or flew 5K today. The full results are attached:

Fly 5k results 2021-03-13
Download PDF • 86KB

The results are also on the website for searching, sorting and filtering at (best viewed on a desktop / laptop).

Now for some milestones, a special well done to those completing 10, 20 and 30 Fly 5K's today and we have: 10 Fly 5ks - Anna NAYLER, Simon JAMES, Oren SENEVIRATNE, Ollie TREVOR, Vicky TREVOR and David WORCESTER. 20 Fly 5Ks - Julie ANN KENNY, James GILL and Clair WALKER. 30 Fly 5Ks - Xanthe MAINWARING, Chris ROBERTS, Julie TRIBE and Clare WATKINS. I understand your Virtual not T-Shirts will be on their way to you soon.

As always a big thank you to El Presidente of the Fly 5K - Graham Smith who celebrated a birthday this weekend and was spoilt rotten by some of our members. I would urge you to watch the must see videos.

If you simply cannot get enough of Fly 5K this weekend, then there is a special 'races' edition tomorrow and it's not too late to sign up. I am informed that your (virtual) race pack (whatever you already have at home) will be with you in time.

Finally, well done to everyone, until next time.

Report by Rob Trevor.

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