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Results from Event #44, 20th March 2021

Saturday 20th March 2021 saw another fabulous event as we hosted Fly 5K event #44 with an incredible 392 athletes recording individual results including 35 athletes new to Fly 5K today and representing 61 running clubs and teams – a warm Fly 5K welcome to you all.

The weather conditions seemed to be more favourable today and this inspired a lot of athletes to run more quickly than they expected with a totally awesome 95 Fly 5K PBs including at least 6 known lifetime PBs. Congratulations to Tim Tate, Jules Montgomery-McCullagh, Jo Negus Louise Wilkerson, Alexander Helm and Justine Anderson on their lifetime PBs.

Or maybe it was Fly 5K inter club championship #13 and the fight for club points and battle for the podium that inspired such fast running, but more on that later.

Congratulations to an amazing 5 athletes who set new Fly 5K age category records today: James CONNOR of Havering AC in VM35-39 – 16:00 Paul WHEAR of Cornwall AC in VM50-54 – 16:52 John COOPER of St Albans Striders in VM60-64 – 18:53 Des WHITE of Exmouth Harriers in VM65-69 – 19:21 Jacqueline JENKIN of Cornwall AC – 28:59

The Fly 5K community has so much more to it and there were so many great reasons to celebrate Fly 5K today including many athletes returning and improving after injury or illness, many more surprising themselves with how far they have progressed with their running, others delighted to be back after having a baby, some happy to have been promoted to a new age category (it can only be runners who are happy about getting a little older!) and many of us who are happy just to get out there and run/jog/walk our own personal Fly 5K challenges.

We cannot fail to also mention the amazing story told by Paula Holm on her earlier post. Everyone here at Fly 5K is delighted to be with you as we celebrate the joyous news of your run today with your partner and especially with your son Jonah.

We also congratulate and celebrate with the following athletes who have achieved the milestone of 10 Fly 5K events: Ruth BARTLETT, Jonathan DEAN, Martha HALL, Annette RICKARD, Michael STILL

The following athletes who have achieved the milestone of 20 Fly 5K events: Gary FLINT, Paul GURNEY, Katharine TATE, Paul WHEAR, Katy WILDE

And the following athletes who have achieved the milestone of 30 Fly 5K events: Nick KLEANTHOUS, Tess OSBORN

And so finally onto the individual podiums:

Men 1) Will BOWRAN, St Albans AC (15:47) 2) James CONNOR, Havering AC (16:00) 3) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (16:52)

With Will at the top of the leaderboard for the 13th occasion, the leading total for the Men.

Women 1) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (19:05) 2) Léan Ní Chiobháin, Chiltern Harriers (19:10) 3) Martha HALL, Garden City Runners (19:22)

With Emma at the top of the leaderboard for the 8th occasion, and for the first time since July 2020. A great day for the Stepto household with Emma’s Mum, Jackie Jenkin, breaking her age category record, and a birthday celebration for Emma’s partner. Congratulations.

Age Graded 1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (92.45%) 2) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (89.53%) 3) Des WHITE, Exmouth Harriers (87.60%)

With Claudine regularly topping our age graded leaderboard with an incredible age graded score.

Attached are the full results from Fly 5K event #44 in a PDF document.

Fly 5k results 2021-03-20
Download PDF • 104KB

These results can also be found at Individual results tables for this week and last week will be updated in due course. The website results are best viewed on a laptop where there are further options to filter and browse the results.

Results from the inter-club competition which ran as part of Event #44 can be found here:

Report by Steve Bowran.

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