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Results from Event #49, 24th April 2021

Wow! What a day of Fly 5K activity. The majority of us saw some glorious sunshine, albeit with some wind in places. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing people's stories today and felt privileged to be part of Fly5K, what it represents and the community that has evolved from it. Remember Fly 5K is walking, jogging, running or flying and ultimately just showing up! The common theme I got from today was people using their time wisely and 'sneaking' in a run between their son/daughters football, hockey, netball training and reminded me that we should get a run in whenever we can. Ok, enough chat let's see what our community has achieved today...

We saw 250 people complete a Fly5K, with 3 first timers (welcome) and a whopping 37 Fly 5K PB's (brilliant stuff). Now let's see those milestones....well done to the following people who have recorded..

30 Fly 5ks: Claudine BENSTEAD, Adrian JONES, Laura LANE, Seb ROWE, John ROWLANDS.

20 Fly 5ks: Mike BABB, Kate KNOTT.

10 Fly 5ks: Jennie BAYLISS, Anna JONES, Nicky LAITNER, Michael OVER, Ian RINGER, David SITWELL, Nathan STOCKDALE, Anna TREHANE.

Your (not) fly 5K t-shirts will (not) be winging their way to you soon. Ok, maybe virtually.

We have the following new age grade record in the women's 70-74 category and a big well done to Jackie Jenkin recording an impressive 28:42, beating her own previous record! Well done, Jackie.

Now on to the individual podiums.

Women 1) Martha HALL, Garden City Runners (19:26) 2) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (19:40) 3) Lucy WATERLOW, St Albans Striders (20:26)

Men 1) Peter COLE, Edmonton Running Club (16:57) 2) James CHASEN, Harpenden Arrows (17:13) 3) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (17:22)

Age Graded 1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (91.69%) 2) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (86.95%) 3) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (84.92%)

The full results can be found at

As always, a big thank you to 'El Presidente', Graham Smith, the man who made this all happen and I can confirm, puts in a massive amount of work to make this happen. Every. Week. Thanks Graham.

Finally, Fly5K does not happen without everyone involved and keeping the community alive, please share with friends, family, colleagues and anyone you think may be interested. I genuinely look forward to flying with you all next week. Until then - Rob.

Report by Rob Trevor.

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