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Results from Event #5, 4th July 2020

I wanted to start this post by saying well done, not to those who smashed their PBs this week or had amazing runs, but to those who had average or below average runs, who are well off their best, who made themselves get out of the door even though they weren't up to much, and got it done.

As any decent runner will tell you, consistency is the key. Keeping on showing up. So well done to you!

That said, if you just weren't up to it, if you rested, stayed in bed or had a large breakfast and sat on the sofa, or if you wanted to save yourself for another day - fair play to you. Nobody needs to feel any guilt or be told what to do (well I do sometimes!) - but to get to my real point, we might celebrate PBs a lot here, but that's because there seem to be so many of them! But we're all in different places, and I hope we're all enjoying sharing everyone's experiences.

Having said all that, there WERE some cracking times....

We had 149 runners, 23 of whom were doing their first Fly 5k, and of those who've run before, 50 of them got their best time yet for Fly 5k, and a number their best time ever.

It's great to see several members of North Herts Road Runners joining us this week as part of the mix of clubs, as well as one or two from further afield including Lordshill Road Runners, Southampton's friendliest running club!

The full results from today can be found on the website via this link (best viewed on desktop/laptop where you can search, sort and filter):

You can check out your individual results here, and compare to previous weeks, by searching for your name, or see where you stand in your age category:

Age category records will be updated on the website shortly.

Our winning male is a very familiar name now at Fly 5k having taken part in all five events, and this was a very special occasion for Will Bowran of St Albans AC, not only taking first place but also for the first time in his life dipping under 16 minutes - by quite a margin - with a stunning time of 15:44. Well done Will!

Taking the win for the women was Emma Stepto of Cornwall AC, also a very familiar name to us having won all four of the Fly 5k events she's entered. Well done Emma, and a brilliant time of 18:44 means she breaks her own women's record once again! Emma also takes age graded top spot at 88.17%.

Here are our top three:


1. Will BOWRAN, St Albans AC (15:44)

2. Greg CHURCHILL, Sydney Striders (17:31)

3. Rob TREVOR, Havering AC (17:37)


1. Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (18:44)

2. Sally ONN, Blagnac Sporting Club Athlétisme (19:30)

3. Ali YOUNG, Chiltern Harriers (19:38)

Age Graded:

1. Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (88.17%)

2. Greg CHURCHILL, Sydney Striders (84.21%)

3. Will BOWRAN, St Albans AC (82.52%)

As always, If you've enjoyed today your friends and club mates might too, so please do invite them to join us.

Next week we have another inter club competition, details on the event invitation when it's posted.

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