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Results from Event #50, 1st May 2021

Updated: May 2, 2021

Well, what a beautiful day to be celebrating Fly 5k the 50th edition. Thank you for all the good wishes, the photos and the smiles.

A MASSIVE thank you to magic Graham for all these weeks of encouraging us, getting us together, bringing out our competitive spirits, and for tempting us with a real live race coming soon in June. Quote of the day which we all agree with 'It's a great thing you have created'.

Many congratulations to the Fly 5k stayers. Eight of you have done EVERY SINGLE ONE. Steve BOWRAN, Colin BRAYBROOK, Fergus DALTON, Graham HARPER, Pat HIGGINS, Donna IRWIN, Jenny MAGINLEY, Andrew MCKILLOP.

And I was lucky enough to bump into Colin this afternoon as we both admired the bluebells in the park on our post fly 5k stretching our legs strolls. He told me he had walked 2 of the 50 events due to injuries, and I know Steve has walked a few too. I was reflecting afterwards and admiring that dedication to not break the trend. Inspiration for us all. Speed some weeks, attendance on others.

Today we had 282 of you take part, 7 first timers and a mega 40 PBs. A few people took to the track and broke some records. Well done to everyone who set a new record, and also to everyone for getting out there.

Podium positions this week:

Men 1) Tom HALLING, St Albans AC (16:05) 2) Chris WRIGHTON, Run Redbourn! (16:57) 3) Peter COLE, Edmonton Running Club (17:20)

Women 1) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (19:28) 2) Lily TSE, St Albans AC (19:37) 3) Zelah MORRALL, Cornwall AC (20:05)

Age Graded 1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (92.30%) 2) Jenny MORGAN, St Edmunds Pacers (85.06%) 3) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (84.85%)

And a massive congrats to the following for completing their 30th Fly 5k: Matthew Bedford, Andy Holt and Janice Nisbet; completing their 20th Fly 5k: Melanie Barton, Simon Harrison and Tracy Pitcairn; and for completing there 10th Fly 5k: Elaine Louise Albrow, James Bowman, Samantha McQueen, Roger Murray, Edel Nic Giolla De, Samantha Smith and Linda Webb.

Full results are attached and can also be found at the website at (best viewed on a laptop/desktop).

Fly 5k results 2021-05-01
Download PDF • 86KB

11 clubs qualified for the inter-club competition today - including the largest 'not in a running club'. Congratulations to Run Redbourn! for taking the 'not actual' trophy this time. They definitely rallied round and went for it today. 16 runners, 12 faster than their average, 8 PBs, 1 first timer. Well done.

Second place to Chiltern Harriers and third place to Winterton RC. Full positions are as follows:

1) Run Redbourn!

2) Chiltern Harriers

3) Winterton RC

4) Edmonton Running Club

5) Phoenix Striders

6) North Herts Road Runners

7) Not in a Running Club

8) Harpenden Arrows

9) Your Town Runners

10) St Albans Striders

11) Wheathampstead Warriors

Have a lovely rest of your bank holiday weekend.

Report by Kate Dixon.

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