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Results from Event #51, 8th May 2021

Firstly, what a wonderful bunch you lot are. Getting up on a grey, miserable, wet and windy Saturday morning to run in the rain for the love of Fly 5k. I think I can safely say that you are officially members of the ‘Obsessed with Fly 5k’ fan club. We had runners from Australia, Ireland and the UK, have I missed any other countries?

Sadly for the first time EVER we had NO new Fly 5k runners. Can you blame them for staying in bed today and waiting for another week? It was tempting, but once you start, you can’t stop!

It was much quieter than a normal Fly 5k due to the weather, but over 170 of you braved the elements to race in the Nation’s favourite virtual 5k run. Well done everyone and thank you all or your continued support!

Today we saw some epic ultra feats from Fly regulars. Mike and Susan were in Derbyshire taking part in the Last Man Standing race, basically run around in the mud, rain and howling winds in circles as many times as you can before you face plant one too many times and then it’s all over. They still found time to submit their Fly 5k times so well done you crazy, bonkers, hilarious ultra fanatics. Last seen after six laps and still going…

Well done also to Laura Lane and her friend for completing the Chiltern Ridge Ultra – does it always rain for this race?

Some of us did manage to dodge the rain but most of you got soaked. We enjoyed seeing all your lovely smiling faces and drowned rat pics. Even the ducks didn’t fancy running today but the dogs did seem to love it.

No one spotted the pink inflatable pig today but he may have been spotted floating off in a tidal wave of puddles… If anyone sees him, please return to Fly 5K HQ and we’ll make sure he gets safely back to his owner.

We really love seeing all your race selfies and we had some brilliant ones this weekend. Possibly the winner being Oreo the dog who looked so delighted to be taking part with his owner Rasiux. THE best dog expression ever!

An amazing 7 people ran Fly 5k PBs this morning. Huge respect for this today in some tough conditions.

We had 40 different running clubs taking part today. Thank you all. Please help us spread the word by introducing your running buddies to Fly 5k and share the link and details in your club’s social media. Fly 5k really is one of the closest things we’ve had to a real race throughout lockdown and the beauty is that no one needs to travel, park, pick up race numbers etc.

Back by popular demand, Fly 5k Run Bingo with some potentially high scores. Thanks to the 30+ people who took part today. Did anyone see Graham and get 200 points today?

The winner of Fly 5k Bingo was Steve Muldoon with 360 points, acquired through a combination of ‘race selfie, new route including off road, segment and about 10 other runners. Oh and puddles.’ An impressive score. Well done Steve, your goodie bag will be sent to you shortly. We hope you enjoy your prizes! Graham will be in touch about the virtual dinner.

A few of you were injured today, we hope you all get well soon and can return to running fit and healthy and by then we should have sorted out this weather blip.

We have some truly dedicated runners showing real commitment. Well done on reaching these milestones:

50 Fly 5ks - Emmanuelle BENTLEY-SANDERS, Kate DIXON, Rebecca HEMMANT-LOW, Paul HOLGATE, Joanna PARKER, Mark SANDERS, Graham SMITH, Geoffrey WHITE 30 Fly 5ks - Jane JOHNSTONE, Nerys JONES 20 Fly 5ks – Stephanie BELTON, Dave G, Helen GILL, Douglas REID, Karen SHEARD, Maxine SLADE 10 Fly 5ks – Steve MULDOON

And finally, here are the podium results you’ve all been waiting for:

Women 1) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (19:26) 2) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (20:20) 3) Lucy WATERLOW, St Albans Striders (20:37)

Men 1) Tom HALLING, St Albans AC (16:41) 2) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (17:43) 3) Stuart NICHOLAS, Bournemouth AC (18:14)

Age Graded 1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (92.30%) 2) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (85.93%) 3) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (85.23%)

The full results are attached, and also on the website at (best viewed on a laptop / desktop for searching, sorting and filtering). Individual results and records will be updated on the website in the next 24 hours.

Best quotes of the day below:

• Wetter than an otter’s pocket! Jay A’Court, St Alban’s Striders • Get up, Get out and Get Dry – Michelle Wellsbury of Run Redbourn • I came. I saw. I conked out – Richard Sved, St Alban’s Striders

See you all for another Fly 5k next weekend. We’ve ordered better weather after quite a few requests and complaints about today’s rain. If it’s not nice, blame Amazon Prime.

Thank you all for making this so much fun and always engaging, encouraging each other and taking part in the community. I definitely would not have run without all of you to make me accountable and encourage me. I do so much nagging I kind of have to run it don’t I?

See you all soon. Ruth Holroyd

The Priest of the Church of Fly 5k and host of the Obsessed with Fly 5k Podcast. Chiltern Harriers

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