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Results from Event #53, 22nd May 2021

The eagerly awaited results! Another brilliant Saturday of running, great to see so many of you join us for the 5k or longer run today, a grand total of 210 members ran/walked/crawled their way to the finish line. And a few black cats gave the curious eye to their owners, wondering where on earth they'd been and more importantly whether they'd earned some biscuits upon their return. Each and every one of you gives us the motivation to get up and out by sharing their photos and exploits, so please keep it up! Thanks as always to the one and only Graham Smith who puts so much time and effort into this fabulous community, it's commendable!

Welcome to 4 first timers today, hope you enjoyed it and we'll hopefully see you again next week Calum Latham of Striders, Katie Moey of ERC, Andrew Jackson and Rebecca Bolevin!

We had bells ringing today for our 2nd Fly engagement! Congratulations once again to Laura Hicks and Alex Johnston! I am curious if the proposal was pre, post or mid Fly!

19 people ran Fly 5k PBs this morning, well done for pushing that bit extra and earning extra points for your club!

41 different running clubs took part today, don't forget to keep telling your clubmates and friends to join, more the merrier!

We have a few milestones to celebrate...what commitment!

- 50 Fly 5ks - Philip DEAN, Ruth HOLROYD, Lionel MANN, David SAUNDERS, Denise TINANT

- 30 Fly 5ks - Nicola ANDERSSON, James GILL, Isabelle HEAD, Sara HEAD, Clare TYLEY

- 20 Fly 5ks – Ian SAGE, Oren SENEVIRATNE, Nick YOUNG

- 10 Fly 5ks – Andrew COTTON, Kathleen GRANIER, Laura HICKS, Martin ORFORD

And here are the podium results, fantastic work from Sarah McGrath who achieved a PB and 1st position for the ladies, and Tom Halling who has won 1st position for the mens 4 weeks on the trot!


1) Sarah McGRATH, St Albans AC (18:39)

2) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (19:03)

3) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (19:16)


1) Tom HALLING, St Albans AC (16:29)

2) Peter COLE, Edmonton Running Club (17:20)

3) Stuart NICHOLAS, Bournemouth AC (18:08)

Age Graded

1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (90.59%)

2) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (87.66%)

3) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (85.73%)

The full results are attached, and also on the website at

(best viewed on a laptop / desktop for searching, sorting and filtering). Individual results and records will be updated on the website in the next 24 hours.

Fly 5k results 2021-05-22
Download PDF • 74KB

Stealing Ruth's initiative as there were some fab quotes of the day which are worth a mention :

  • "Today I had to speed it up and then I had to slow it down" - Adam Baker-Walters (also Bucks Fizz)

  • Couch to Pastry – Daniel Cadey

  • How not to run...pace yourself and stop thinking you're still 25 – Pablo Plaza Lastras

  • I seemed to found a minute, if anyone has lost one I'm happy to return it - Rob Johnstone

  • I'm honest as the day is long - Richard Sved

  • Better a late fly than a no fly - Sue Edwards at 6.15pm

  • Saturday...said I'm off to the pub but Graham Smith said no, off to Fly 5k you go! - Mike Bullock

Hope you enjoyed the results...there's more to come! Interclub competition results to follow very shortly!!

Report by Daniela Petriani.

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