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Results from Event #59, 3rd July 2021

A real mixed bag of runners and riders this week. Well the riders were Emma Stepto and Elaine Louise, taking well earned Fly breaks to go for a horse ride instead!

The runners were many and in all sorts of varied and exotic locations, from the mountains of Snowdonia to the beautiful lakes of Germany, and all the way to the local garage for Christina Harrison doing her Fly 5k after dropping the car off to get fixed!

We had quite a few doing their runs on hills and trails, and others on pan flat beach fronts, with the one thing that most people had in common being the humidity. Cathy very bravely wore jeans for her Fly 5k which I would not have fancied!! Oh, and it rained in Ireland. Lucky escape for the rest of us I think!

Poor old Justine had to miss her Fly 5k to go to work, but still managed to post to make sure we were all doing ok .

Quite a few runners like Seb and Jamie were doing longer runs and marathon training today - but I'm glad you could still post your 5k times. And a pub crawl for Steve Muldoon which appeared to involve at least 20 pubs yet he looked none the worse for it at the end. That's some stamina you have Steve!!

Back in St Albans we had quite a large contingent on the track which was great fun. Runners representing St Albans Striders, St Albans AC, Harpenden Arrows, Chiltern Harriers and Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers were all there, all under the Fly 5k banner (with lots of selfies afterwards in Rachel's now famous photo frame!). Even Adam Gemili came along, although sadly just as we were leaving, so I'm not sure what time he did. It looks like he forgot to submit. Good luck to him for Tokyo.

And it seems parkrun France is back. Which brings us nicely onto our podium finishers. Sally Onn of Blagnac Sporting Club Athlétisme was first female with a great time of 19:19 in 24 degrees heat, enjoying the double bonus of parkrun and Fly 5k. Our first male finisher was Josh Edwards of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers, who ran an astonishing 15:30 at the track in St Albans. The rest of us were lapped multiple times by Josh! Well done, and he also takes the SM18-19 Fly 5k age category record today.

Top three finishers were as follows:

Men 1) Joshua EDWARDS, Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers (15:30) 2) Kieran O’HARA, Havering AC (17:24) 3) Tony BANKS, Tynedale Harriers (17:52)

Women 1) Sally ONN, Blagnac Sporting Club Athlétisme (19:19) 2) Hannah TURNER, Harpenden Arrows (19:37) 3) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (19:47)

Age Graded 1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (89.86%) 2) Zelah MORRALL, Cornwall AC (84.28%) 3) Joshua EDWARDS, Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers (83.76%)

Also just as impressive were our 14 Fly 5k PBers today, and a massive congratulations for lifetime PBs from Gillian Onley (23:31), Lindsey Bill (24:45), Paula Horton (32:44), Andrew Head (24:27) and possibly one or two others.

Milestones were achieved today for:

10 Fly 5ks (Adam BAKER-WALTERS, Abi BOWRAN, Daniel CADEY, Sybil PEARSON and Ruth ROBERTS)

20 Fly 5ks (Andrew BATES, Katrina DELL, Andrew HEAD, Nicola HEADLAND, Rob JOHNSTONE, Stephen MCKEE and Niki WARD)

30 Fly 5ks (Mike BABB, Sarah LOUGHREY, Penny SCHENKEL and Katharine TATE)

50 Fly 5ks (Chris EDWARDS)

Congratulations guys, that's a lot of Fly 5ks!

Quote of the day goes to Paula Cornelius... "I nearly enjoyed parts of this run".

Well done all who ran today, hope you enjoyed it, afterwards at least. The full results are attached and also on the website at (best viewed on a laptop / desktop).

Look out for the club results later on.

Fly 5k results 2021-07-03
Download PDF • 72KB

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