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Results from Event #6, 11th July 2020

Evening all, and suffice to say if you followed the posts this morning it was another cracker, perhaps even better than the Super Saturday we had a couple of weeks back.

Full results are on the website here: for searching, sorting and generally playing around with (best viewed on a desktop/laptop). For example if you only want to see the women's results just type "Female" in the search box.

Age category records and individual results will be updated shortly on the website. If anything doesn't look right please let me know.

If you even vaguely enjoyed yourself please invite your friends and club mates to join us for the next one!

Conditions for most were perfect for running and we had a flurry of lifetime as well as Fly 5k PBs. I can't name everyone but there were plenty!

We had 221 runners this morning, with once again an uncanny match in the number of male and female runners, and entrants right across the age spectrum.

A potential appearance of someone's friends from the West Coast of the US didn't materialise, but I'm very pleased that our regular international visitors continue to join us each week. I'm also delighted that we had a decent depth of field in the inter-club competition with 6 men's and 6 women's teams taking part, including contingents from Dacorum & Tring AC and North Herts Road Runners.

As I say, I can't name everyone, but special mentions to:

  • The young Joseph Holloway, for running the first 5k in his life in 1:56:10 - inclulding getting distracted half way round by a trip round a maze and stopping to look at daffodils!

  • Antonia Jubb, the talented triathlete from St Albans AC who went sub 19 minutes for the first time in her life, and Will Bowran who went sub 16, again!

  • Darren Deed for continuing to amaze the rest of us, and running a 14:48 5k to take 15 seconds off his own men's record.

  • Emma Stepto for consistently winning and consistently getting quicker, taking the women's record again!

  • Edric Williams, reaching 70 years old and having his best run of the last two years, and loving every step.

  • Jenny, Errol and Stuart who ran socially distanced together today and all three got lifetime PBs! Very well deserved after lots of training in recent months.

  • Also PBs for Roger, Nick, Peter, Rachel, Sarah, Steven, Laura, Rhos, Anthony, Craig, Andy.. I knew I shouldn't have started naming names.

Well done to everyone who ran, in any shape or form!

So onto the top three, congratulations to everyone on the podium this week.

I will post separately with the inter-club competition results so watch this space!


1. Darren DEED, Dunstable Road Runners (14:48)

2. Will BOWRAN, St Albans AC (15:50)

3. Tom HALLING, St Albans AC (16:34)


1. Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (18:36)

2. Antonia JUBB, St Albans AC (18:53)

3. Martha HALL, Garden City Runners (18:59)

Age Graded:

1. Darren DEED, Dunstable Road Runners (93.92%)

2. Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (88.80%)

3. Gary WARREN, St Albans Striders (85.60%)

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