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Results from Event #62, 24th July 2021

Considering England Parkrun returned today in many places we were cautiously optimistic that our members would still like to continue Fly-ing and carry on this fantastic community of people which has been built up in this crazy/very strange year.

I think I can speak for Graham and the hosts when I say that we are overjoyed to see so many of you still taking part and enjoying the family spirit. It's been brilliant as always to see your photos and morning encounters, as well as the encouragement everyone gives to each other by liking, commenting, supporting and congratulating posts.

So today, 24th July after a week or so of some rather brilliant swelteringly humid sunshine (in London & Herts at least), we saw the most ridiculous downpour between 8.45 and 9.15 ever known. What a start to parkrun, we all just stared at each other in bemusement! What are we doing here, should we have stayed in bed/in the car, should we be in Majorca/Ibiza/Mexico.

For those that skipped an early rise and/or parkrun and took part in Fly in the latter half in the morning you probably made a wise choice! Or if you were based in places such as Cork, Seoul or other parts of the world, you were probably very lucky with a dry but hot day. What is a run report without a weather report thrown in I say...

We had over 170 members involved today with a ran/walk/jog to the real or imaginary 5k finish line.

Welcome to our new members, a couple of them are : John Yates based in Seoul (8 time zones to the right and 9 in winter!!) and Ruby Davidson our newest Junior (Claire)

Now as you may be aware, our 'results master' is currently on his weekend jollies with some superhero legends therefore I'm afraid there will be a small delay to the full set of results this week until he returns. I can however give you a sneak peak at the podium results which are as follows...well done to...


1) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (18:39)

2) Sally ONN, Blagnac Sporting Club Athlétisme (19:30)

3) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (20:18)


1) Stuart NICHOLAS, Bournemouth AC (16:59)

2) Nick MALPELI, North Herts Road Runners (18:45)

3) Steve BOWRAN, St Albans Striders (19:19)

Age Graded

1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (93.60%)

2) Emma STEPTO, Cornwall AC (89.54%)

3) Jenny MORGAN, St Edmunds Pacers (83.56%)

Now for a few quotes of the day :

"Yippee back at parkrun!!" - Emma Stepto

"Fly 5k first. Parkrun 2nd!!!" - Steve Bowran

"Wooo.. Park run + fly 5k + racing cockerpoo = fastest 5k in months" Rob Duncombe

"Loved getting out in the rain!" Laura Lane

"1st the Worst...entry maybe!" Justine Anderson

"Ready for a nap now" Ruth Holroyd

"LOTS of flies!!!"- Rachel Mackie seconded and thirded by others

"Sodden but absolutely loved it!" - Jan Hazirci

"I had the mushroom to myself" - Mark Sanders

"Thanks to all those who have kept me motivated over the last 18 months...You guys rock" - Nicola Headland & ALL!!!

Have a great rest of the weekend guys!

Report by Daniela Petrianni.

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