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Results from Event #63, 31st July 2021

Congratulations to all who took part today on a day of sunshine and showers. Parkrun has definitely become an integral part of Fly 5k now, or perhaps vice versa, with people joining us from parkruns up and down the country, from Huddersfield to Southsea, Worthing to Dalby Forest, and way over in Australia with Damon and Greg joining us from parkruns each week as regular as clockwork.

We had 168 runnners today, with one first timer (welcome Joanne Kennedy), ten Fly 5k PBs and a total of 46 running clubs taking part, including the newly formed Spiders Running Club - yes, you can guess who! Full results are attached:

Fly 5k results 2021-07-31
Download PDF • 68KB

I know a few of us struggled to get out today, even with the extra motivation of having parkruns open again, but well done everyone who did. Sorry Julie I can't promise early morning coffees every Saturday but glad it helped this week! Well done Cristina, Ruth and various others who fought the battle with bed or sofa and were victorious.

Congrats on milestone runs today for the following:

50 Fly 5ks: Richard OLNEY 30 Fly 5ks: Ali MASSEY, Eddie SYCAMORE 20 Fly 5ks: Liam CASSON, Caroline HEATH 10 Fly 5ks: Laura HUSSEY, James LALLY, Jenny MORGAN, Jim SIMPSON

And finally our podium for this week, well done to you all!

Women 1) Sally ONN, Blagnac Sporting Club Athlétisme (19:48) 2) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (20:26) 3) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (20:35)

Men 1) Stuart NICHOLAS, Bournemouth AC (16:54) 2) Rob TREVOR, Havering AC (17:40) 3) James LALLY, Burnham Joggers (17:52)

Age Graded 1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (92.31%) 2) Jenny MORGAN, St Edmunds Pacers (83.85%) 3) Paul WHEAR, Cornwall AC (82.74%)

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