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Results from Event #64, 7th August 2021

Well done to 164 people that got out and walked, jogged, ran or raced their Fly 5K today. It was great to see a wide range of 5K's as a parkrun and also being incorporated in longer runs ranging from 5 miles to Ultra Marathons.

It was great to see all of your selfies, pictures and comments. I particularly enjoyed the runners in Scotland who completed 'McFly 5K' and when running with your dog at a parkrun is called 'barkrun', is this a thing? I am so out of touch!

On a personal note I was pleased of the less sunny conditions, although other Flyers may not agree, many spent their Fly 5K drenched, with a mixture of emotions about it. Of the 164 people, 4 were first timers (welcome), 8 recorded PB's (Congratulations) and we had a total of 38 different running clubs represented, including the first official outing of 'Spider Runners' at Fly 5K.

We have some milestones today, congratulations to the following: 50 Fly 5ks Sarah HEDGES, Eileen SINDOLE & Julie TRIBE; 30 Fly 5ks Rachel MACKIE & Louise WILKERSON; 20 Fly 5ks Debbi BARNETT, Philip HICKS, Cristina MARIA, Steve MULDOON, Ian RINGER and Barry SMITH; 10 Fly 5ks Joel GILL. Well done to you all and we hope to see many more!

Over to the podium.

Men 1) James LALLY, Burnham Joggers (17:39) 2) Barry SMITH, Havering AC (18:36) 3) Paul GUY, Garden City Runners (19:05)

Women 1) Sally ONN, Blagnac Sporting Club Athlétisme (19:37) 2) Hannah TURNER, Harpenden Arrows (19:41) 3) Lily TSE, St Albans AC (19:52)

Age Graded 1) Claudine BENSTEAD, Okehampton RC (88.17%) 2) Jenny MORGAN, St Edmunds Pacers (84.45%) 3) Joanna PARKER, Unattached (81.33%)

Well done to all of those on the Podium, and to everybody that has taken part today. As always, a big thank you to Graham Smith who really pulls this all together.

Please see the attached results, look forwarding to seeing you all soon!

Fly 5k results 2021-08-07
Download PDF • 68KB

Report by Rob Trevor.

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