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Results from Event #66, 21st August 2021

Part one of the Fly 5k bumper weekend, and there were lots of smiling runners again today. It was the first week of the new Fly Runners club, and their new members. I went to the St Albans Jersey Farm parkrun for the first time, and found it full of Fly 5kers. DOUBLE THE FUN!

And I have been inspired for future Fly 5k/Parkrun locations – Wimpole and Wendover which had Fly 5k members running today, are now on my list.

151 of you ran today, with 13 of you getting PBs. Including a ‘totally smashed it PB and new age graded record’ from Claudine Benstead of 96.28%. AMAZING.

There were several ‘saving myself for Bovingdon’ comments today, and we are very much looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, either in person if you can make it, or virtually if you can join us that way.

Podium results today are:

MEN Stuart NICHOLAS 16:48 Lee MURPHY 17:45 Barry SMITH 18:09

WOMEN Joanna PARKER 19:43 Claudine BENSTEAD 19:44 Lucy WATERLOW 19:58

Congratulations all. Full results attached.

And off we go again tomorrow. See you there!

Fly 5k results 2021-08-21
Download PDF • 65KB

Report by Kate Dixon

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