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Results from Event #68, 28th August 2021

Before we bring you news of Fly 5K Event #68 today we have to take a brief look back at Fly Bovingdon last Sunday at Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire.

What a fantastic event: the amazing Fly 5K community truly came together and created a unique and highly enjoyable and friendly event. We missed each and everyone of you who were unable to attend in person due to the travel distance involved, holidays or other commitments but we know that you were with us virtually, and indeed many did complete their own personal virtual Fly Bovingdon.

There have been many thanks given out already via Facebook but here we simply want to thank you, the Fly 5K community, for creating such a friendly, welcoming, supportive and encouraging space, and the huge on the day contributions to Fly Bovingdon by many of you. Thanks!

So Fly 5K Event #68 today: 160 of you amazing athletes ran/jog/walked your Fly 5K today and we welcomed Colin Taylor from Watford Joggers new to Fly 5K. We had athletes representing 43 different clubs and associations taking part today.

An incredible 19 of you achieved a Fly 5K Personal Best – marked with a PB in the attached results – and there were several known Lifetime 5K best times today too.

Congratulations to the following athletes who achieved their 30th Fly 5K today: Stefanie Gransby and Ben Scott.

Congratulations also to Nigel Aston, Daniel Case, John Frost and Andrew Jackson who achieved their 10th Fly 5K.

And a final congratulations to Jenny Morgan from St Edmunds Pacers who today broke the Fly 5K age category record for her category – well done.

The podium results for today are:

Women 1) Hannah TURNER, Harpenden Arrows (19:30) 2) Lucy JONES, St Albans Striders (19:56) 3) Lily COCKING, (20:53)

Men 1) Tom HOWELL, Mile High Run Club (17:52) 2) Will BOWRAN, St Albans AC (17:53) 3) Barry SMITH, Havering AC (18:31)

Age Graded 1) Jenny MORGAN, St Edmunds Pacers (87.70%) 2) Zelah MORRALL, Cornwall AC (80.40%) 3) Hannah TURNER, Harpenden Arrows (79.32%)

The full results are attached:

Fly 5K #68 Results 2021-08-28
Download PDF • 466KB

Congratulations to you all.

Hosting and Report by Steve Bowran

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