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Results from Fly 5k Bovingdon (Event #67), 22nd August 2021

Part 2 of the FLY 5k bumper weekend was extra special. This was not just because it doubled up as a cake festival, but because for many of us it was the first time seeing fellow Fly5Kers in real life! After 66 weeks of virtual events, this was the real thing held at Bovingdon courtesy of Catherine Leahy. It was slightly surreal greeting people by name who you had never actually met before. This event saw 90 runners including others joining virtually.

For myself and my sister, Christina Harrison, this event was extra special personally. This was the first time we had seen each other since Christmas 2019 apart from at two family funerals. Fly 5k has enabled us a weekly positive connection away from necessary but emotionally draining communications. This was celebrated today at Bovingdon where we ran and crossed the finish line together and Christina went and grabbed herself a sub 25 minute PB. For once, it wasn’t a race to see who posted first (she always does as she usually gets up and runs earlier).

There were Fly 5k PBs a plenty today…. 22 in total. The buzz and encouragement of running with others rather than simply chasing a time certainly worked for many. This was illustrated by Steve Massey who “did his first 5k with people” and got himself a PB. Joanne Tang said, “A lifetime PB…Soooo happy”. Laura Lane was equally delighted saying “What a brilliant event! So good to see everyone in real life….and a lifetime PB too. Thank you” Liam Casson remarked, “ A Lifetime PB! Waving my hands to park cars seems to be the perfect pre run warm up”.

You can read about more PBs on the face book posts.

Although this fast flat course offered a good chance for PBs, it was also a great course for cheering each other on and the 3 mass starts offered the perfect opportunity. Of course, some people used that excuse to get some extra miles in including Jim King who ran 30k in total and that was after a 17:15 5K. There was fun for kids too. The large puddle on the course offered the chance for the adult sized children in their dressing up costumes to have fun splashing and playing.

All in all what a fantastic event to celebrate the wonderful community that we have Graham Smith to thank for. Many thanks too for his ever growing team of helpers. Today was a great success. You’ve done it so well… you should do it again!

Podium results today are:

Women 1) Hannah TURNER, Harpenden Arrows (19:20) 2) Kate DIXON, St Albans Striders (19:41) PB 3) Lily TSE, St Albans AC (20:11)

Men 1) Jim KING, St Albans Striders (17:15) 2) Rob TREVOR, Havering AC (17:40) 3) Liam CASSON, Cherwell Runners & Joggers (18:11) PB

Age Graded 1) Jim KING, St Albans Striders (84.83%) 2) Jenny MORGAN, St Edmunds Pacers (82.51%) 3) Andrew MCKILLOP, St Albans Striders (80.31%)

Full results are attached.

Fly 5k results 2021-08-22
Download PDF • 56KB

Congratulations to all.

Report by Julianne Nightingale

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