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Results from Fly Races, 14th March 2021

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

What a fantastic day to celebrate such a fantastic community of runners.

The motivation that everyone gives each other to get out there and take part is a joy to be part of – be that personal bests, personal worsts, being in the fresh air, or running around inside (machine or dodging the furniture).

We had all different distances today from our usual 5k to the Ultra, and pretty much everything in between. The 10km proved to be the most popular, but every distance had at least one participant. Some of you even tried your feet at several of them.

We had 5 Ultras, 3 marathons, 11 20 milers, 58 half marathons, 52 10 milers, 72 10km-ers, 23 5 milers, and 31 5km-ers.

Around 250 of you took part. That is phenomenal!

The loveliest thing was reading all the posts – from the portaloo banter at the start; to the comments about how if it weren’t for this community and magic Graham’s energy, many of us wouldn’t have had the get up and go to get out there; to the weary Ultra and marathon runners coming in at the end.

So thank you all for being part of this, and as we approach one whole year of lockdowns, WELL DONE, this virtual running club is a MASSIVE HIT!

Here are the results – we’ll call them provisional results, because it is late, and we are bound to have made some mistakes, and because we haven’t the energy tonight to do the age grading. But here they are. Congratulations to everyone. Sleep well tonight. I have my wine to help me on my way.

Fly Races provisional results 2021-03-14
Download • 79KB

Thank you Graham Smith for putting this on, and for doing all the results processing as always. Thank you to my cheery, baking co-host Ruth Holroyd, and thank you to everyone who posted, liked, commented and encouraged.

Report by Kate Dixon.

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